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One of the Best Ways to Do Lawn Repair Is with an Aerator

27 October, 16:41, by spencer Tags: , , ,

lawn repairThere are a lot of different ways to repair a lawn. A lot depends on what is wrong with it and what caused that problem. But one thing that almost always seems to help is to use a lawn aerator. If you aerate your lawn, then you will have no a much easier time seeding it. Also using a lawn aerator once a year helps your grass to develop a thicker turf and a healthier root system. If your grass has healthier roots, it will be more resistant to droughts, and damage from insects and long grubs. Another benefit of aerating your lawn, is that it helps to provide oxygen for the grass and it makes it easier for you to fertilize. Both of these things are needed if you are trying to repair your lawn and keep it healthy.

The last reason why it is so important to do use an aerator to help you with lawn repair, is that it can actually poke holes through a lot of the thatch that is on your lawn. If you have too much thatch, your lawn will have difficulty breathing and will be more susceptible to lawn disease.When you aerate lawn, you allow oxygen to get below the surface. This oxygen helps aerobic bacteria to break down the thatch and turn it into useful components in the soil that the grass can metabolize.

Even though a lot of people think that you should only aerate your lawn as needed or once every three or four years, I think you should do it a lot more often. I have had the experience of aerating more than 5000 lawns, and I know that for the vast majority of my customers, it has helped them out significantly. The best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring, but the second best time to aerate is in the fall. Also, any time you’re interested in repairing your lawn or giving it a facelift, you should definitely think about batching and aerating at the same time.