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Benefits of a Healthy Lawn

A nice healthy lawn can be enjoyed by you, your family, and everyone else in the neighborhood. Having a well taken care of lawn can be fun to play on, good for the environment, and give your home and neighborhood increased aesthetic value. Each of the hundreds of thousands of blades of grass in your lawn contributes to a healthy lawn.

Fun Lawn Facts

lawn repair625 square ft of lawn produces enough oxygen for one person. A 5000 sq ft lot produces enough oxygen for 8 people. (Scotts: Lawns: Guide to a beautiful lawn).

Lawns cut down on pollution and noise. 1 acre of grass can break down 100 of pounds of pollutants including “sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen fluoride, nitrates and other greenhouse gases.” (Solve global warming, cap and trade, and urban growth boundaries from your own back lawn.)

Grasses provide air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. Even if the sidewalk gets over 100 degrees, grasses stay at regular temperature of 75 in the summer.

What are other benefits of a healthy lawn?

Healthy Lawns are beautiful. Just looking at a freshly cut and edged lawn can be as refreshing as looking at a work of art. (Make sure to get a lawn chair, a glass of lemonade, and enjoy the view.)

They are safe for kids and pets. If lawns where bad for you, they would come with a warning label. Pets and kids love the out doors. Inside things can be static and unchanging but outside the world is always changing. Plus there is a lot more to see and bark at.

They’re great for parties. Did you run out of room inside? Or, maybe you just didn’t want to keep the whole house spotless, well move the party outside and let everyone enjoy your lawn with you!

These lawns are also durable. People might complain about getting walked all over, but your lawns never do.

They are a good place for insects and microorganisms to live.

They prevent erosion. Grass roots thickly penetrate into soil and hold it together.

Lawns help to clean dust particles out of the air. (Jupiter has fierce storm because it does not have adequate amounts of lawn.)

Lawns help me get in my regular ½ hour of exercise each week!

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Your lawn may also need to be repaired if it is damaged by lawn pests. See Pest control Virginia for more information.