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When to Repair or Replace a Lawn?

lawn repairMany people ask me if they should replace or repair their lawn.  I  tell them it depends on what is wrong with it.

Bad grasses can ruin a lawn faster then most other things.  Yellow annuals or bent grass can take over a lawn completely in just a few years. You can repair these when the spots are small but after the 1st year or when the grasses have become much worse, it can be a lot harder to repair.

Weeds are usually fairly easier to fix.  Most can be eradicated with a few treatments of weed and feed.  If you lawn is all weeds, you may want to have it replaced.  A ball park figure your tearing out and replacing a lawn with new sod is roughly $2 per sq ft.  This could be more or less depending on where you live and how big of an area you are replacing. The cost or repair is a lot less.  (Subscribe to my blog and I will keep you up to date on some of these best and latest methods.)

If pests have damaged your lawn and the dead layer of thatch is more than 1/2 to 3/4, replace it.  Be sure to put a heavy dose of insectiscide on it befor you tear it out to prevent the pests from returning.  If damage is only in spots and non extensive, this lawn can be fixed.  Some insects leave your lawn and migrate away, some stay.  Some have suckers and some chew.  For insect the chew such as beetles and grubs, use a contact pesticide.  If they suck use a sestemic one. (spiders, fleas, and flys. )

Grasses can be repaired or replaced anytime lawns are actively growing. Cool weather grasses like to be dealt with in in the spring and fall.  (Less weeds in the fall.)  Warm grass lawns  like to replaced or repaired in the late spring and summer.

More to come on lawn repair!